Recently someone asked me the following question; 1) Why did you start a Transaction Coordinator business? And 2) What keeps you going in your business? I answered her and thought, this was something that I’d like to share with others.

Many years ago, I was working in a law firm in Orlando, Florida. The firm exclusively handled real estate transactions, and we did many closings for local banks and Realtors clients. I was the senior paralegal and worked an exhausting number of hours to keep up with the work. Also, our systems were less than productive and being a “problem solver,” I set about to research some solutions I thought would help all of us.

In the course of my research, I came across a software program called SureClose and a role in the real estate process I’d never heard of “Transaction Coordinator.” As I researched and learned more, I found the role fascinating; this was a person who was dedicated to helping Realtors leverage their time, which in turn freed them up to focus on growing their business. Since I worked closely with a lot of Realtors and also had been one in the past, I knew the struggles they faced in keeping up with all of the administrative work it took to get a transaction to the closing table. Often at the expense of missing out on some of the leads they had, or even a family event.

Simple Marketing Solutions

I created a rough business plan and thought if the firm I worked for added this as a service to the Realtors we worked with, they would tell others, AND we would have more closings. To me, it seemed like a genius idea. Well, the attorney I worked for quickly dismissed my idea, saying “it will never work” then banished me to get back to my work there. Devastated I went back to my desk and over the next few months figured out how I could open this business myself. A few months later, after working all day for him, and half the night for myself creating a marketing and business plan along with a website and learning SureClose, I gave my notice and opened my business in the fall of 2005.

It wasn’t easy, many of the ideas I had to market my company were unsuccessful, but eventually, through hard work, determination and stepping outside of my comfort zone, I became busy, and word began to spread about my company’s services. I’m glad I didn’t listen to my former boss and that almost 15 years later, many lessons and mistakes, I’ve been able to create something that I am proud of.

What keeps me going? What inspires me, motivates me and drives me to show up, day after day, even on the most challenging of days? This has changed and shifted over the years; initially, I was hell-bent on proving the attorney I worked for wrong. Perhaps it’s the rebel in me, or the feistiness that comes from my ginger roots, I’m not sure, but that was how I kept myself going on some in the early days.

As my business grew, so did my team and my inspiration and motivations now come from helping the women whom I work with. I love having the opportunity to help and support them in creating a nice income for their family, doing something they enjoy while having flexibility and freedom in their work schedule.

Today, what drives me is helping as many people as possible come up with the solutions they seek to create a satisfying career as a Transaction Coordinator or a thriving business as a Transaction Coordinator. I know my little company can’t service all the agents in the USA that need a TC in their business, so I created the Transaction Coordinator Academy to help train and support people beyond my team.

I’ve found the more people I see succeed, the happier I am. In addition to supporting my team, I also get to help hundreds of others via courses, coaching, and a lively Facebook group, as well as the free resources at the TCA.

All those years ago when dreamed of being an entrepreneur and finally decided to start my Transaction Coordinator business, I had an idea of what I wanted it to look like, and I’m proud to say, it’s far better than I ever dreamed of.

If you’re ready to make your dreams of having a thriving, successful business a reality and need a little support, let’s chat – click here to learn more about my coaching and consulting services.