It wasn’t too long ago that Jen decided she was ready to take her career as an assistant to the next level. Intrigued by the idea of the title Transaction Coordinator she began, the way many of us do, with extensive internet research on the topic to see what the big ol’ web had to say.

As she researched and researched she liked what she found, and the idea that helping agents keep track of all the moving parts from contract to close was exactly what the part of the business she enjoyed. Her experience as a bookkeeper gave here the “eye” that is needed to pay attention to the details and her passion for real estate assured her that this was the role for her.

She reached out to the Transaction Coordinator Academy for support and guidance in helping her to start off on the right foot as an independent coordinator. She wanted to make sure she understood how to make a business of being a Transaction Coordinator, not just how to do the work. Jen participated in our private coaching program with Michelle Spalding as well as took the Transaction Coordinator Essentials course.

She’s a superhero in the eyes of her agents and has the confidence she wanted to be successful. Transaction Coordinator is her Superpower!

If you’re ready to take your career as a Transaction Coordinator to the next level, or just want some merchandise to show the world you’re proud of what you do, check out all that the TCA has to offer.