I bet I’ve been asked that question about 500 times (or more) over the years by Realtors.

They ask this concerning my team’s availability and the boundaries we have in place around or work.

Each time I ask them to tell me more, to give me an example of an emergency.

Generally, they are a bit stumped for a moment by this and then about 99% of the time they ramble about needing to know the status, getting a document signed or getting a copy of a document.

Oh, I love it when they tell me they are concerned about these things – because I have solutions!

I thank them for their concerns and then let them know that Transaction Coordinators aren’t like agents – we take a proactive approach to our work. Additionally, we provide them with access to our file system, along with instructions on how to use it, so they can instantly view anything they want to, anytime. All the tasks we’ve completed, those we have to work on, all the docs and all the notes. So at ANY moment, they will always know what is going on, just as if we were in their office and they stopped by and picked up an old paper file and reviewed it.

As for getting things signed – I too remind them that in real estate there generally aren’t emergencies, there is just bad planning, and with the help of a Transaction Coordinator, that is all but eliminated.

Here’s the deal – As a Transaction Coordinator, the only way we can ever handle more than what our agents can handle is to work proactively – this means following our ask list, working ahead and keeping everything organized. So for us to grow, be able to make a living doing this work and not lose our mind along the way we have to work proactively, we have to have a system, and we have to follow it.

transaction coordinatorI decided after being in sales for a year that my team and I won’t work nights, weekends or holidays, nor do we provide our personal cell phone to them “just in case.” Moreover, this has NEVER been a problem with my clients once they see how we work. Sure, there have been people who didn’t want to work with us because of this, and that’s fine, they weren’t a good fit.

Next time an agent asks you to be available nights, weekends and holidays, for emergencies or for your personal cell, just in case and this isn’t how you work or want to work, then educate them on a GREAT Transaction Coordinator works and help assure them that they have nothing to worry about.