Recently I posted the following to the TC Collective Facebook Group. I am reposting here so as the original post fades and new ones take its place; it will be where those seeking resources and support to help them with their Transaction Coordinator career or business can find it.

I had an announcement I was going to make today here via a FB live video.

A blog post I planned to write for my TC company.

And an important errand to run.

It all will wait. My body has decided I needed to rest and choose the stomach flu as a way to force that upon me.

I’m grateful that my team has jumped in to help to make sure that the things that needed to get handled are done.

I’m grateful for Uber eats and grocery delivery so that the kiddos, who thankfully aren’t sick, won’t starve either.

And I’m grateful that I can rest, and work a little here and there from my laptop, from my comfy sofa.

Sometimes things go as planned, and other days they don’t. Welcome to life as an entrepreneur.

I could push, I could struggle, but for what? In the end, the most important thing to all of us our health and sanity.

Everything else can just wait a little while longer.

I’m posting this is to remind all of you – as I have a feeling, I am not the only one who needed the reminder to rest.

When you’re sick, REST
When you’re tired, REST
When you need help, ASK

In the meantime, the emails, the messages, and dishes can just rest along with me.

See you on a FB live video soon…

Life is short – take care of yourself and those you love.