It is finally spring here in Chicagoland and I could not be happier that the temps are warming up. I always think of the spring season as a time for planting seeds and for new beginnings. When we plant seeds, it takes a while for them to show up on the surface and then again longer for them to grow into mature plants. After planting the seeds, we must make sure that they have the proper amount of water and give them the time needed. There is a lot happening with the seed underground before there are any visible signs to us. And depending on the seeds we plant we may see growth quickly or it could take weeks. 

Our businesses are just like planting seeds in the garden. We plant seeds by having conversations with those we would most like to work with. Sometimes they are ready to work with us quickly. Other times it takes much longer to bring them on as clients. Either way without the proper care and nurturing, our seeds will not grow and mature into the wonderful clients we wish to have. 

Be patient with yourself and those you are connecting with. Know that different seeds (agents) take different amounts of time to develop. Keep showing up, keep watering them, and soon, you will have a beautiful garden full of amazing clients.



Leaning into the pause has been a reoccurring theme over the last few weeks with coaching clients. Often when an unplanned change occurs it’s human nature to fight and try to keep things as they were.  What is going on is beyond our control on so many levels and fighting is exhausting, both physically and emotionally. Perhaps the next thing to do is just simply pause, for a moment, a day or even a few. I am not suggesting that you shrug off work or other responsibilities, but instead of piling on more to fill the space, you lean into the pause. Take a few moments of it to rest and recharge – not because you’ve earned it, simply because you’ll feel better for it.



For the last few months many of us have shopped more online than we have in years past. After all, having things delivered to our doors feels so much safer, not to mention that many local stores are closed to customers and only able to ship items or offer curbside pick-up. 

I have been in awe of the new and innovative ways we are able to shop while still supporting our local small businesses. For instance, the bookstore near me has phone in orders with curbside pick-up.  A local butcher also offers a similar service, phone in an order, they will prepare it and tell you when it will be ready. Call when you arrive, and they will bring it out to your trunk. Even the tea shop I love is offering curbside pick-up along with a phone consultation to help you select the right blend. 

While it may be easier to order from a huge online retailer and have items delivered right to my door, it simply feels better supporting another small business. So, as we continue to adjust to a new normal – remember your local small business could really use your support, now more than ever.

Below, in the Brilliant Mix section, you will find some links to help you make supporting other small businesses easier.


Slow Down to Go Faster – the Power of Pause | Ralph Simone

The Doing Disease – Redefining Rest – Slowing Down to Speed Up! | Bec Heinrich

Need a gift for a friend? Or end of year teacher gift? Etsy is a meeting place bringing together cottage businesses with customers like us. This has become one of my favorite places to buy gifts.

Innovation – App to help you find and support local small businesses

Need to focus and the TV is going in the background keeping the kids entertained? I feel you and have found that Brain.FM is an excellent tool to help me do focused work. Set the timer, slip on noise cancelling headphones and BAM! 

There are some good people in the world – this story is an example (warning, if you cry easily, have a box of tissues nearby)

Sales and marketing calls aren’t as awful as many wish to believe they are if we look to make connections (plant seeds) rather than quick sales. Here’s an audio on this to help you market to your ideal


My event calendar is pretty much empty now, which feels really weird and at the same time, I’m enjoying the pause. I do have openings for a few coaching clients, so if you’d like to use this pause to work on your business, let’s book a call to chat further. (Calendar)

Glitter, Duct Tape, and Magic  is available on Amazon in Kindle format. If you haven’t gotten your copy – here’s the link to check it out.

Wishing you and your family health and happiness. Thank you for being a part of the community