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A Coaching Membership & Mastermind Community

Exclusively for TC Business Owners 

Personal and professional support to help you create a business you love.

 Joining a group coaching and mastermind group is an excellent way to create something truly remarkable in your life and business. It’s a way to get help in reaching your dreams and a safe place to create and share new ones.

You’ll find there are many benefits you receive by participating in a mastermind group, such as:

☑  Accountability for setting specific, actionable goals

☑  Individual guidance from your coach and mentor for the challenges you’re facing right now

☑  Challenged to stretch beyond your familiar, comfortable ways of thinking and acting so you can                   move forward quickly in your chosen direction

☑  Feel the positive energy of your coach and the other group members all happily thinking                              about your business with you and ways you can improve it

☑  Be encouraged to see and try new options and to reach for a deeper potential within yourself 

☑  Exposure to a network of like-minded TCs working to grow their business


Don’t be surprised if you also:

☑  Increase your income

☑  Have more fun and free time in your personal life

☑  Work with more of your ideal clients

☑  Enjoy the work you do even more than you thought you would when you started



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Live coaching + training and a supportive community that provides connection, inspiration, and education for you, the TC business owner, who is ready to create an extraordinary business that supports you in living an extraordinary life.

Meet Your Facilitator and Coach

Michelle Spalding

Michelle Spalding - transaction coordinator group coaching and mastermindIn 2005, I started my TC business because I wasn’t happy with my current work situation.  It began as just me and today it’s a team of 12 and still going and growing.  This company has thrived and grown during one of the worst real estate crashes in our modern time.  Having a business has allowed me to travel, help others, and spend time with my family and friends, none of which was possible working 60+ hours a week for someone else. Having my own TC business has also allowed me to fulfill several of my childhood dreams such as being a writer, a teacher, and a business owner.

After publishing my book, The Road from Contract to Close, in 2015, I began to receive calls from fellow TCs who were seeking support. One-by-one, I coached and supported them in transforming their businesses and accomplishing personal goals. In the fall of 2017, I began working on the TC Academy courses and site to help the ever-growing number of people who were asking for help in becoming a TC or growing their TC business. Wishing to help even more people,  I decided to offer group coaching to provide support to as many people as possible at a very reasonable rate.

While my 14+ years of TC business experience is one element I will bring to this group, it doesn’t stop there. I also have taken coaching certification programs, mastermind facilitator training, and read hundreds of books on business and leadership as well as attended countless seminars and classes. Additionally, I too have a coach I go to for help and guidance.



Prior to each meeting all members are given an opportunity to submit their questions or challenges, all of which will be addressed on the call. Additionally, as time allows, at each meeting members are given an opportunity to step into the “circle of greatness” (or hot seat as it’s often called) where they will share with the other members what they are working on, where they need help, what they are struggling with, what’s worked and not since the last meeting, and what they wish to be held accountable for at the next meeting.  By stepping into the “circle of greatness” you’re not only receiving support at the meeting, but the energy of the group supporting you long after we’ve gone our separate ways.  You also will benefit from the masterminding after the meeting via our private Facebook group where I’ll be active answering questions and giving additional support.

“The purpose of the mastermind community is to give each other support and hold each other accountable for all agreed upon actions.”

In addition to the twice a month  meeting you will also have the option to add on a private one-on-one laser coaching with me to help you along the way with the uniqueness of your business and the goals you’re trying to accomplish. 


 Live Coaching | Monthly Training

This is a full-on coaching program where I will be supporting and helping you personally!  In our training and group calls, I will hold nothing back – you have access to my years of business and skills knowledge. But, this group is really much more than that. It’s a safe place for you to bring your questions and challenges to be supported, and where we will celebrate your successes.

 (minimum 4-month commitment to program required) 


You’ve got big dreams. To reach them you’ll need help, we need support. Joining this TC Group Coaching and Mastermind Program and giving it your all, will help you achieve your dreams faster and easier.


Don’t hold back on having the business of your dreams, let the power of group coaching/masterminding and one-on-one coaching help you.  If this program resonates with you and you decide to join, I would be honored to help you support you in creating the business and life you desire.

Get the support and guidance you need to help create

the business you desire.

Still have questions? Then let’s jump on a quick call so I can help answer your questions and give you the information needed to make the right decision for you and your business. Click here to book your Q & A call with me.

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The focus of the TC Group Coaching and Mastermind Program is helping you in a way that honors the goals you have for your unique business. It’s about helping you find the solutions you’re seeking, right where you are in your business, and avoiding some costly mistakes or headaches – or both. It’s also about encouraging one another, celebrating with each other, and best of all supporting each other in reaching our individual business goals.



I highly recommend Michelle Spalding for business coaching and consulting. Michelle has extensive coaching skills that identifies weak areas, and celebrates my strengths, and sets an action plan for success. She has made a huge impact on my business by sharing her knowledge. Michelle truly listened …

Bridget James

Transaction Coordinator, Lighthouse Transactions
Aug 22, 2018

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

I was so thrilled to find Michelle and TCA. The course was so in depth and covered everything. I feel much more prepared to move forward with my dream of being a transaction coordinator.

Darlene Rzonca

Apr 23, 2020

Janice Baker

Great course that gives a very clear understanding of what the job of transaction coordinator entails and what personal character traits work best for this type of job. Plus help with how to be your best in this type of supportive staff position.

Janice Baker

Apr 11, 2020

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

I really enjoyed the class because I got a lot of tips for working efficiently but more than anything I got a lot of tips for keeping a strong mentality when it came to this type of work. Having the right mentality and having a good attitude will make all the difference in the world.

Blanca Sanchez-Barcenas

Apr 10, 2020

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

This course taught me how to be an effective communicator and how to approach situations that may be stressful. To remember the WHY’s and treat people with compassion. This course also offered great guidance on how to stay organized and work efficiently, and introduced me to some great softwar…

Tanya Bowles

Licensed Realtor®
May 12, 2019

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

I like the ideas and the way the information was presented. Even being a coordinator for many years I found useful information from the video program.

Cindy Overton

May 5, 2019

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

I love Michelles warm, loving demeanor. I know from my years of expirence that you can teach the facts on any subject but the real secret in this type of business, as in most, is how you treat people. She gives a lot of great advice on this subject. And she is so right, “you get more flies wit…

Tami Shawver

Apr 23, 2019

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

What I liked most about this course was how detailed it was. Michelle took her time in explaining and pointing out the important aspects of this side of the business. It has helped me have a better understanding of all the details associated with transaction coordinating.

Natalie Carroll

Jan 28, 2019

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

I came to the table with near to no experience as a TC. This course has set a foundation to build from. It has grounded my mindset and direction. I have already recommended it to other TC’s ,including my mentor,with years of experience. I will continue to reference the materials throughout my care…

Kattie Berniard

Dec 12, 2018


After stalking Michelle’s website for several months I decided to pick up the phone. I knew she was someone I wanted to know better and someone who could help take my transaction coordination business to the next level. From that day to this day, I have not been disappointed.

Michelle Spalding…

Michelle Baker

Owner of Transaction Genie
Aug 22, 2018


Michelle has been a great asset to my TC business. She has helped me create and streamline systems so I was able to bring on a transaction coordinator to continue to grow the business. She held me accountable when I needed it to keep moving forward, she was an inspiration when I needed that, and she…

Deb Nespolo

Transaction Manager
Aug 22, 2018

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

The course was very helpful in setting the standard on how to best provide Real Estate Transaction Coordinator services. Michelle’s experience in the industry was very helpful in learning tips and strategies on best practices and I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in becoming a…

Kate Wilber

Jul 21, 2020

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