More than 22 years ago, when I started in real estate, we didn’t use the internet. There were no websites to get instant information on taxes or neighborhoods. We didn’t have “CrackBerrys” or “iPhones” to instantly know when someone wanted us either by mail or text.

Yet, closings took place day after day after day.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we go back to the dark ages, I love technology and can’t imagine life as a transaction coordinator without the internet or my android phone. What I am suggesting is that we regain control over our communication and make meaningful connections to build relationships and future business. Here’s a few strategies we’ve found helpful in our transaction management business that you may also:

  1. Let your agents know the hours you typically work. This will prevent them from being upset when they don’t get an almost instant reply to their email or text message.
  2. Schedule weekly appointments to check in with agents you’re in contract with. Not only will this make you “the professional”, it will be a better use of everyone’s time. Having a set appointment, like Tuesdays at 2:00 PM, will ensure that the communication happens and that the agent is actually available when you call, because they’re expecting it. Assure them by letting them know you’ll immediately call with anything urgent and they should do they should to the same likewise.
  3. Schedule weekly appointments with key members of the team. Block off a recurring appointment to connect, keep the communication lines open and update one another on what’s happening in business.

While technology is great, it can zap your energy and often eat up time. Setting appointments, keeping in touch and working from a schedule will allow you to get more accomplished. Checking in regularly and connecting with the people you’re working with will also help develop satisfying and fulfilling relationships.


Successful transaction coordinators are excellent communicators and value the relationships with their team. They know that those relationships must be nurtured and are developed overtime. They also know that this is another rewarding part of their chosen career.