Here we are in the month of November, the final harvest in many parts of the country before Winter kicks in fully. It’s a time when the days are beginning to get a little shorter and the nights are getting a little longer.  For me, this is more time for reading, working on projects, and a little more of it snuggled under a blanket watching Netflix.

Soon it will be the time when many of us will gather around a table somewhere and sit with people we love and celebrate Thanksgiving.  In recent years, I’ve seen posts on social media where people use the whole month of November to express daily what they are thankful for – a 30 days of gratitude thing.

However, I’d like to put a twist on that – What if we all used the month of November to reach out to 30 different people to let them know that we are thankful for them? If we sent one email, text message or note card (or more) each day for the next 30 days. There are more than 1,500 people who receive this email so if everyone who receives it reached out to one person each day in November, more than 45,000 people would be touched.

And what if we kept this up for the rest of the year? And from now through the end of December we all reached out and told someone we were thankful for them? That would be more than 90,000 people touched. Wowzer!

While large numbers like that excite me – just one person sending one message to someone letting them know what they are thankful for also does.

So, join me if you will – and let’s spread some thankfulness far and wide. Let it get everywhere like a bottle of glitter that has “mysteriously“ lost its lid and now has found its way to the carpet in your family room. Sprinkle thankfulness all over and just like that glitter, it will never be forgotten.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family

In a recent coaching call a client told me “I don’t know what to do”, but as we dug further that truly wasn’t the case. She was simply, like many of us, scared to take the next step. Frozen by fear that she would make the wrong choice, she remained stuck rather than picking something to act on.

Her story isn’t all that unique – but it also doesn’t have to be the end of the story either. When fear rears its ugly head and causes us to shudder or second guess ourselves, it’s up to us to tell it to take a hike. I wrote an article recently on this topic and included an exercise to help readers move past fear and continue on the path they desire. Check it out here. And let me know if it helped you.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching the Reece Witherspoon show called Shine On, which is available on Netflix. As she interviews 9 amazing women, each talked a little about their own personal fear and moving past it in pursuit of a dream.


Someone once asked me ‘how did you write a book’? I asked them for clarification, wondering what they meant. Turns out they really wanted to know, how I managed to fit it into an already busy schedule. I think there are two parts to that answer –

        1)  It was something I really wanted to do

        2) I sat down and made myself do it 

There was no one that showed up to make me do it and I didn’t wait for inspiration, I just showed up regularly and wrote. I’m working on another book which should be released in early spring and I’m using the same approach, wish me luck.

According to Steven Pressfield in his book The War of Art , procrastination (resistance) is the enemy of creativity. It’s a destructive force within us that means we’re not doing something that is actually good. If there is something you’ve been meaning to get to, or your part-way there and just don’t have the oomph to finish it, maybe Steven’s book will also help you to push past your resistance and complete it.

Note – It’s not just writing a book, or other work of art that requires creativity, solving business challenges, creating new service offerings and much more require us to tap into a stream of creativity to accomplish them. And if we’re in resistance, our creativity is depleted.

Grab your copy on Amazon or listen to it on Audible.

To scale is great, but there is also beauty in a successful business that is built for a specific audience”  Nicaila Matthes TED Talk on Side Hustle Revolution

TED Talk by Matthew Mullenweg – Why Working from home is good for business –  duh! I personally can’t think of a better place to work – except maybe at a coffee shop

Need to focus? Looking to relax? Check out Brain.FM functional music to improve focus. I especially love this when I am writing or doing something that requires me to be focused.

New favorite podcast – The Women’s Leadership Podcast by Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

Mark your calendars and join me at the Empower Conference for TCs Tampa. I’ve chosen the topic “Recalibrating Success: how to stop striving for your dream and live it now,” to speak on and I’m looking forward to connecting with TCs and other real estate support professionals from across the country. I hope you’ll join me there. WARNING – I’m a hugger 🙂

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Wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season.