Almost daily I get unsolicited emails from people asking me to use their services. These people do not know anything about me, nor have they taken the time to check out my Transaction Coordinator business. Never once have I done business with any of them. I click “report as spam” and delete the email.

I hear the same thing from many Realtors whom I’ve asked about this topic. With their email addresses so public that they get lots of emails asking for their dollars. Each and every agent I’ve chatted about this with have all said the same thing “they hate it and don’t do business with people who spam them.”


Spamming isn’t marketing, it’s spamming, period!

So how do you grow your Transaction Coordinator business and find people who are interested in your services? Start the way so many of us did, make a list of Realtors who you know and call them. Ask about them, their lives, how their business is going and learn who would be a good referral for them. THEN, tell them about your Transaction Coordinator business. I also recommend you do this with title folks, lenders, home inspectors, home stagers, etc. Anyone you know in the real estate world who you could share referrals with, nurture that relationship.

If there are people who already know what your Transaction Coordinator business is, and you haven’t chatted with them in a while, make some time weekly to reconnect with those folks.

There are many other ways to market your services, some cost more than others. If your thrifty or on a tight budget remember the phone is free, make time to develop relationships that will feed your Transaction Coordinator business for years to come. and learn how you can help someone else with their business at the same time. Even if they don’t use your Transaction Coordinator services now, you can still keep in touch with them, because you never know when they will need you or refer to you down the road.

Last but not least on this, you don’t have to have a large circle, a small one that you share referrals with is the easiest to manage and generally works the best.

All business is about relationships, people buy from those they know, like and trust. (and they also refer their friends to those folks too)