• Make a list of people you’ve had contact with about your TC services but that you haven’t followed up with and then go follow up with them.
  • Make a list of people that you’ve perhaps been engaging with but haven’t had a conversation about your TC services yet, go and speak to them, let them know you can help.
  • Get in touch with current clients and thank them for their business. Ask if they have anyone in their sphere of influence that could benefit from your TC services and ask for an email introduction.
  • Create an incentive for people to take action and buy from you this week. Half off your 5th transaction if they sign up this week.
  • Share a message about your TC services multiple times in various places every day and include a call to take action. Remember, make it about what they will benefit from your services.
  • Set an intention and follow through with a minimum of 5 conversations daily. Be helpful and engaging in Facebook groups where your ideal agent hangs out. Make sure your bio on Facebook links to your biz page or website or both.
  • Keep a lookout for people you can help, help them and then if appropriate you can let them know how you can help them further by inviting them to a conversation with you.
  • Reach out to anyone that you’re connected with (a real connection, someone you actually talk to regularly) and see if they’ve got any referrals for you. This could be a title agent, lender, home inspector, etc.

As an independent transaction coordinator/business, you must show up daily sharing the benefits of your services and asking people to take action and do business with you.  The biggest reason that people struggle to grow their client base is they don’t ask for the sale.