And just like that, fall is here, and soon it will be leaf raking season here in the midwest. Summer is officially over, and in many parts of the US we have fewer closings. For many, this will be when they relax, maybe actually get back to the gym or other activity they’ve skipped for much of the busy summer season. For others, it will mean slowing down and catching their breath.

I find that this is an excellent time of year to begin planting seeds and nurturing relationships with clients and leads. The agents we connect with today, may not be in a place where they are ready to have us TC for them, but they are also working on their business plans for next year, and it’s up to us to stay connected with those we’d most like to work with.

Action Step – Make a new connection each day and/or follow-up with the one you’ve made that hasn’t said yes to using your services. Much like the bulbs we bury here in the fall, come spring,  you’ll be who they are looking for to help them with the busy spring and summer season.



Recently I was chatting with a coaching client, and I asked her about her morning routine;  this is a common question I ask of people who are stressed and feeling overwhelmed.  This particular client is running a business while working a job and also has two young children at home. Her morning routine included checking her emails and messages the moment she woke up and then jumping into her day, even though she wasn’t fully awake or at her desk where she could fully  answer emails or do the required work.

I offered a suggestion, based on my personal experience as well as others I’ve studied. Don’t check your email, or anything else, till you get to work. As tempting as it is, and as efficient as it may seem to take a peak, we’re basically working in our head, before our feet even hit the floor, let alone before our backsides hit the office chair. We’re splitting our energy and draining ourselves.

Instead, I recommended that she try a brief meditation before she started her day. I’ve made that recommendation to many over the years and even purchased a book on the topic for my team in the past. I suggested she check out the app, and give herself that time in the morning to
fill her cup first, before she heads off on her day.

We can’t pour from an empty cup; we must fill ours first. So for some who make little to no time for themselves, this is a great place to start.



Sometimes it’s good to freshen up things on our websites, our marketing pieces, or even our social media. What’s not a good idea is to randomly use images we find online that we don’t have permission to use. Not only is that illegal, and can come with hefty fines, it’s also smarmy. Buying
images is ideal, but also it can be pricy. Here are some sites that do not charge for images. and are two great apps to help us with our meditation.

Need to create some graphics for social media and don’t have a graphic designer on your team? Most of us don’t, so check out, this tool has been a lifesaver.

One of the things I love most about having a business is being able to help others. For more than seven years, I’ve been doing this via Kiva and have made more than 30 loans, much of that reinvestment of the original investment made way back in 2012. Thanks to this organization micro loans are made to individuals all over the world that help them start or grow their business. I’m simply amazed at how far my $25 loans have gone.

  A TED talk I’m loving again by Elizabeth Gilbert – Success, failure and the drive to keep creating

Mark your calendars and join me at the Empower Conference for TCs Tampa. I’ve chosen the topic “Recalibrating Success: how to stop striving for your dream and live it now,” to speak on and I’m
looking forward to connecting with TCs from across the country.

I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering website reviews and single
session coaching/consulting appointments. For all the details on these
offerings, or to explore a longer coaching program, visit the academy’s booking page
and pick the option that suits you best. I look forward to us connecting soon. We’ve also got a few openings in our Group Coaching + Mastermind Program.

Wishing you all the best this last quarter of the year.