Not planning a vacation.

Sure, as my “own” boss I could, but I didn’t. I was busy, I let work take over and I didn’t plan for time off. Then, before you know it the year was over.

Funny, this was exactly what happened in my old career as a real estate paralegal. Guess there is truth in the old saying “some habits are hard to break”.

Then, one day my coach and I were talking and she helped me plan a vacation into my schedule. GOSH, it felt good and scary at the same time!

So the next year I planed for another one and then another one.

Sometimes it was just a long weekend. Other times it was a longer adventure in a foreign country.

Each one left me recharged, refreshed and ready to tackle my work when I returned.

My biggest mistake was not planning it into my schedule.

This year, as I work on plans, goals, and dreams for next year you better believe there are scheduled days off on my horizon.

I share this mistake with you – and the lesson I’ve learned so you don’t have to make the same mistake(s). Or if you’ve done this too, that next year, you make a shift and take some time off.

Your vacation doesn’t have to be anything fancy unless you want it to be, you just have to honor your commitment to yourself and TAKE THE TIME OFF!!

You’ll thank yourself for it when you return refreshed and recharged.