Our lunch and learn mentor series continues with Transaction Coordinator Michelle Martinez. About a year ago I chatted with her and we spoke at length about the different real estate cycles she’d been through and the way she has had to zig and zag if you will, to keep moving forward.

The TC Mentor Series Lunch and Learn has been created because I believe that everyone has a story or two that can inspire us, teach us, motivate us or just help us laugh on a day when we need it most.

Over the next few months, I’ll be interviewing several TC’s who are eager to openly and honestly share some of their wisdom and experience with the TC Collective. They’ve each been through different market cycles in this business, they’ve watched our industry grow and evolve, and they are still at it going strong. They are in different parts of the country with different visions for their individual business. What I love most about them all is they are doing work they truly enjoy and helping make the process from contract to close better for everyone.

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