This month in honor of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 and all the talk about luck associated with it, I thought it would be fun to share with you how to bring luck into your life, personally and professionally. Now before you hit delete, hear me out; luck is yours for the taking, for good or bad, it’s there. You just have to harness the power within yourself to bring the luck you desire. Here’s how:

1.         Maximize Chance Opportunities

2.         Expect Good Fortune

3.         Turn Bad Luck into Good

For many of us, this means stepping out of our comfort zone and making calls or attending events that we may not usually attend. It means believing that we are worthy of good fortune (this means health, happiness, and money) and expect it in our lives. And it also means, when something we perceive as bad happens, we don’t view it that way. Instead, we shift our perception and see it as a lesson, or a speed bump, and carry on, going for more opportunities and expecting more good fortune to come of them.

Sometimes, luck is truly in the eyes of the beholder.


On the love-seat in my office are two pillows with personal reminders of how I want to show up in the world stitched into them. One says, “follow your dreams” and the other “do more of what makes you happy” – both are equally important to me.

While on a coaching call with a client recently she was vulnerably sharing with me the great unhappiness she’d been feeling in her life, which she attributed to her business, the very business she was so excited to start which would give her some freedom and flexibility she desired as a busy mother.  As we dug deeper, she told me she thought that following her dreams meant that she’d one day reach some magical place that would make her happy. That if she sacrificed, worked hard, and bit the proverbial bullet, she’d arrive there, likely after a long journey, and have the ability to do more of what makes her happy in life. But the sacrifices and struggles were beginning to rob her of her faith in ever getting there.

Almost immediately as she said this out loud, she told me the story of a loved one who had passed away a few years ago at a young age very unexpectedly. This was someone she was close to, whom she loved and missed very much. She spoke about the times she cherished they’d spent together, the things they did which brought her happiness and joy. She also said, she could see where she’d been putting off experiencing much, if any, of this in her life and began to realize that she’d bought into an idea of how a business meant sacrificing almost everything in life.

Further in our call she vowed to herself, to take small steps each day to do more of what makes her happy. One of the first things she did was block out time on her calendar, once a week for the next few months, to go have lunch with her elementary school aged child. She reported back to me later that not only did she immediately feel happy for doing this – that absolutely nothing in her business suffered for that hour she’d stepped away. In fact, it was the opposite, she had more energy when she returned. Little by little, she was doing more of the things that made her happy all while following her dreams of having a business. She was beginning to feel happier at home and in her business; and best of all, her kiddo loved that his mama was able to have lunch with him each week.

Stories like this is why I love being a coach.



Many of us use time blocking to accomplish projects in our work and businesses. I’d like to propose that you shift that a bit and block out some time for fun as well. Don’t hope for it to happen, put it on the calendar, show up for it, and expect it. Just like my example above of luck, fun can be random, or it can be planned by seeking new opportunities, expecting it, and making lemonade out of lemons.

Need some inspiration?  Here’s an article with ideas and reasons why this is so important.


In this video Tina Seelig – The Little Risks You Can Take to Increase Your Luck – she shares many examples of “luck” and the keys to attracting more of it in our lives and businesses. This is one I could watch a few times.

The key is understanding that luck is rarely a lightning strike – isolated and dramatic – but a wind that blows constantly.” A great article on the topic of luck

Success, failure and the drive to keep creating – One of my favorite TED talks by Elizabeth Gilbert –

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