Recently I was on a discovery call with a potential coaching client who has her own transaction coordinator company. During our call, I asked her what she wanted her company to look like in a year. She listed a few things such as a certain number of closings each month, another member on her team and having an office outside of her home. The last one surprised me a bit.

I asked her further why she felt having an office was essential. Her first response was that she would get more done in an office as she was distracted easily working from home. Additionally, that would “show” others that she’d reached a certain level of success.

As we dove deeper into this, I asked her about why she initially wanted to start her own business. I could feel her smile through the phone as she told me she wanted to be available more for her children, something her past corporate job didn’t afford her between the hours she worked and the daily commute.

My next question was – “Do you think if you had someone to help you with accountability you could continue to work from home and reinvest the $1,500-$2,000 a month you’d likely pay in rent somewhere else?”

She was silent for a moment, then she said: “YES, this is what I need, this is the piece I’ve been missing.” It was like Oprah says, she had an ah-ha moment. She went onto tell me that she’d always felt she was goal oriented, but really struggling now that she had no one to report to.

She also told me she was so grateful that I’d asked her these questions and helped her realize that what she really wanted the most was to be there for her young children. Which means having a successful business on her terms that includes being flexible.

I told her I completely know where she was coming from and that I too have a coach to helps me come up with a plan to accomplish my goals and with accountability to reach them.

If any part of this sounds familiar and you’re needing help transforming your transaction coordinator company into something is exactly what you want, then let’s chat soon. Complete the application on the coaching page, and then we can  jump on a complimentary discovery call together. It would be my honor to help you create the life and business you want.


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