One of my favorite words to say is Lagniappe, (pronounced LAN-yap) which means “‘to increase; to add’”. The idea of getting something a little extra when making a purchase makes us all smile. That extra is something that exceeds our expectations, like a baker’s dozen. The little extra things when done well that make others feel good about buying from you.

As a Transaction Coordinator, this means increasing value or adding something extra when an agent uses your services. This could mean helping a seller with a task you wouldn’t normally do to help get the transaction to the finish line. Or it could mean just listening as your agent “unloads” for a few minutes and show them you care by cheering them on.

I learned the word Lagniappe when I lived in New Orleans. It’s one of those places that pulls you in and envelopes you, then pretty soon, you’re on an adventure unlike any place you’ve ever been. There are amazing restaurants, beautiful architecture, interesting people, and parades for so many reasons it’s hard to keep up with them.

As a transaction coordinator giving Lagniappe is important in satisfying clients that you’re working with and helping them build future business, and referrals from the transactions you coordinate as well. We’ve all had the bad restaurant experience and told others, likewise we’ve all had that excellent restaurant experience and told others. Real estate clients are no different, they are excellent sources of referrals, giving them Lagniappe is one way to pave the way for them to keep coming back and bringing others.


As a transaction coordinators we must pride ourselves on delivering Lagniappe to each and every person we work with, even the difficult ones. Not only will this help our agents continue to grow their business, it will make the work we do far more rewarding.