Yesterday I left work a few hours early. Something I dreamed about years ago in my former life as a real estate paralegal. I took my daughter, niece and grand daughter to the petting zoo then onto the park. We had a great time.

It was everything I wanted when I started my Transaction Coordinator business almost 15 years ago, FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY.

But the thing I struggled with the most when I started my business.

What would people think?

What if someone needed me?

What if there was an “emergency”?

Overtime I realized the people who needed me the most were the ones I wanted to go to the park with. That I had done a good job and my work was caught up so there would be no emergencies.

I’ve found that many women I coach with have the same struggle, wanting the freedom and flexibility, but worrying about being way from their computer for fear someone will “catch” them not working.

I believe that the biggest obstacle to us having what we want is ourselves.

Take the time off without guilt. Do great work that clients appreciate and they too will want you to enjoy time off.


This is your business, why not craft it so it supports you in living the life you want?


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