As a cat, computers are not that important to me (except for the cat food and yummy treats Michelle orders for me on hers.) I find no use for them in my life. However, they seem to be a place where she spends a lot of time working and not enough napping, so it must be pretty important to her.  She even takes it with her sometimes!

Not too long ago there was a bit of a situation, if you will, here at the Transaction Coordinator Academy headquarters. It’s a Monday morning and Michelle’s computer won’t turn on. No matter how much she begged, pushed buttons just the right way, or tried the assorted ideas that she discovered when she searched for solutions on her phone, nothing would work. I’m not going to lie, at that moment, I wished she could read my mind as I was thinking it was the perfect opportunity to go back to bed, however it was very clear she had other ideas. Silly Humans!

After an exhausting attempt at cajoling her computer back to life she tucked it safely into her computer travel bag and jetted off to the mall about an hour from here, to visit the local Microsoft Store in hopes they had the magic touch.

A few hours later she returned, computer travel bag in one hand, fancy new Microsoft bag in another. Yep, you guessed it, she ended up having to purchase another computer as it seems that they didn’t have the magic touch either.  

I watched from my favorite chair in the office as Michelle set up the new computer, plugging in things here and there. Oddly, it seemed that she wasn’t too stressed out. I’m not sure what she had on the other computer, but as much time as she spent at it I’m sure there were lots of files and other important things. I do know she also had pictures of the monster she calls the Grand Ginger Princess. Personally, I’m not sure what she sees in that kid who loves to chase me around and grab my tail, but that’s a story for another blog post.

Before I knew it, Michelle had her new computer set up and from what I could tell it went pretty quickly as I dozed in and out of naps. I heard Michelle tell someone over the phone that she’d done two things several years ago that made this situation less of a challenge:

1 – She’d had her old computer backed up, automatically twice a day with a program called Mozy.

2 – All of her passwords were safely stored in a master password account called LastPass.

From what I can tell those two things sure made this situation less stressful. As a matter of fact, within a few hours Michelle was back in business and busy working. Thank goodness she will still be able to order my favorite treats.

Zen Advise: Stress Less and Avoid a Potential Hot Mess – get a backup system such as Mozy and save your passwords to a vault such as LastPass. Not only will this make your life less stressful, all that time you save not worrying about it or doing a manual backup will just be more times for my favorite thing…..Yep, that’s right, NAPS!!

Wishing you many happy days and lots of naps…