Recently I received a call from a Realtor interested Transaction Coordinating services.

As always I want to get to know the callers before I launch into what we do, so I asked her to “please tell me about your business and why you are considering hiring a transaction coordinator at this time”.

Sadly her reply was “well I’ve been trying to engage with one for a while, but having no luck”.

She went onto tell me that she found a transaction coordinator (TC) in her community who she spoke with once to interview and liked so she hired her. A few days later when she had a property under contract a she emailed it excitedly to her new TC and left her a voicemail with some important details. More than a week later she called again to see how it was going only to be told by her new TC “I haven’t had the time to start on your file, I’ll get to it soon”.

WHAT?!?!?! A week and she hasn’t started it – that’s absurd…..and totally unprofessional……… (picture smoke coming from my ears like in the cartoons we watched as a child)

Immediately I apologized to the Realtor and assured her that while that person may have shared the title of TC with me, that was it. We laughed and she said she felt the same about her title as a Realtor, that not all of them met the standards she set for herself.

As we chatted it became very clear to me that she is serious about balancing her home life with her business, making more time for her family and also growing her business. She was ready to leverage her time and simply looking for a reliable company to assist her.

Based on the advice of a trusted coach she sought out a transaction coordinator and thought she’d made the right decision for her business. Only to later become frustrated and wonder if this was truly the right plan for her business.

As a transaction coordinator we must wear multiple hats. This means we’re opening new files at the same time we’re processing the ones we have. We don’t wait for an easy day later in the week to start, we start the day we receive the file and manage to squeeze in all that is needed into one day.

Sure, some days are busier than others and some transactions are easier than others too. That just makes this business interesting and filled with learning experiences.