The post below is from the blog of my former TC company – while that site no longer is live, much of what I’ve learned in the 16 years I had that business is shared here at the TC Academy, in my books, and with and with the clients, I coach.

One question I am often asked is, “how do I help agents get excited about using me as their Transaction Coordinator?” While there are likely many different ways, I do believe we must help them see that this isn’t just about not doing the paperwork, it’s about changing how they look at their business.

The post below, which first appeared on the TMC blog back in 2015, perhaps has some ideas in it you could use.


…..but what will my clients think?

One of the most common questions I have when chatting with people about using a Transaction Coordinator to help them from contract to close is but what will my clients think? And this is from agents who have reached out to my office, not from me cold calling or teaching a class somewhere. Even though they think it’s a good idea to have help, they still struggle with what someone else will think.

Over the years, in many similar discussions, I’ve found that most of them are concerned that their buyer or seller will think less of them for having help. For some reason, they must be it all and do it all, and this is the only way they will be valued.

“Hogwash, I say!” Yes, I’ve said that but then again, I was raised by a Southern mama, so there you go.

So, I begin the discussion by chatting about how most of us were paid by the hour for most of our lives before we went off on our own to start a business. You, as the owner of a real estate business, me as the owner of a transaction coordinator business, I say and even as business owners, we still find ourselves falling back into an old habit which is to look at what is done and figure out how to justify it in an hourly way. And sure, if you worked by the hour as a real estate agent, then that would be a good idea, but you don’t, so it’s time for a new way of thinking.

Okay, some of them say, I see your point, but how do I convey this to my clients? After all, it’s ME; they chose to help them with their home purchase or sale.

Ahhh, grasshopper, yes, it is, so let’s look at it this way.

Have you ever been to the doctor’s office, I ask?

Of course, they all say, with a slightly snarky tone.

Well then, when you arrived, were you greeted and checked in by the doctor? I mean, did they ask you about your insurance, take your co-payment and provide you the forms needed?

No, they say. Me either, I tell them.

So, using the doctor as an example, when you go there, are you going because they have a great nurse you heard about? Are you thinking as you’re seeing the doctor, maybe after this visit, I’ll just see the nurse from here on out to save some money? NO, of course, you’re not because the doctor is the expert, and that is precisely who you trust to help you with your medical care. And yes, they have a team to help you through the experience and help provide the best possible service – not detract from it.

Lastly, I ask the agent – if you were to go to the doctor and he was the one who did it all, what would you think?

Shazam, it’s like a light bulb comes on over their head, and they realize – it’s time to start looking at the work they do as a business and themselves as the professional they genuinely aspire to be.

And having a trusted Transaction Coordinator is the one step they can easily take today to help them create the team they know will provide the best care for their buyers and sellers.

Here’s the deal – as a Transaction Coordinator, I don’t want your client. If I wanted to work with buyers and sellers as an agent, I would; however, what I know I do best is coordinate transactions and help my agents provide excellent service to their clients while giving them the time they need to continue to grow their business.

I know you’re tired, it’s a lot of work being a real estate agent, and you could likely use some help. I bet you also have big dreams and goals and are probably frustrated trying to keep up with it all. I believe it also may be affecting your health and personal relationships, trying to do it all, be it all, and have it all.

I’ve never understood why some people think they can do it all – I don’t believe that exhaustion is a badge of honor; I think it’s a sign that something is out of alignment. Even John Maxwell, in his book, Put Your Dream To the Test, says, “Most people don’t fail to reach their dreams because of some insurmountable barrier, it’s because they are too tired from the journey of trying to do it all themselves.”

If you’re ready for a change in your real estate business, you want to provide the best for your clients while leveraging your time, then let’s chat soon. I’m proud to lead a team of outstanding Transaction Coordinators who are standing by, ready to help you be the doctor in your business.