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A magical worksheet designed entirely to help YOU reconnect with your unique personal version of success and then create steps to start living it right now.  

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Michelle started her TC business in 2005, which has steadily grown over the years. In 2015, she published her first book which led to many requests for coaching. Wanting to help others where she saw a real need, in late 2017, she launched the TC Academy to share all the wisdom she’s accumulated in her life as an entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping others create a business that supports them in living the life they truly want.

Michelle Spalding
Business Alchemist | Author | Trainer
  • Michelle has been a great asset to my TC business. She has helped me create and streamline systems and grow my business. 

    Deb Nespolo, Transaction Manager

  • Michelle's guide is helpful, thorough,  and insightful introduction for anyone looking to become a TC, or just hope to fine tune their Contract to Close skills.

    Jennifer Dubios

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