Transaction Coordinator Coaching Programs

One on One Coaching
Individual Support for Maximum Results

You are passionate about your work and have big dreams. You’re working hard, likely too hard, and yet you have not been able to create what you want. And like many you’re wondering, “why not?”

Well, truth be told, if you keep looking at things the same way and doing things the same way, you’ll get the same results. It’s just that simple.

Coaching can help you break through the barriers that are blocking your success and speed up the achievement of your goals.

Group Coaching & Mastermind

Training & Support Exclusively for Independent TCs

Being a Transaction Coordinator is a rewarding career, but it is also stressful and challenging at times. When you add to that the desire to create a thriving business from your career choice, the challenges and stress can really pile on.

I’m guessing you already know all this and this is why you’re on this page. Maybe a friend or colleague told you about my program and thought it could help you. Or a Google search brought you here, maybe after a late night search for solutions to challenges you’re experiencing in your business that are blocking you from having the life you truly want and deserve.

Advanced Consulting
Personalized Support for Your Business

New and experienced real estate entrepreneurs alike trust Michelle to help them find the right tools and services to reach their personal level of success. Each consulting session is customized based on the needs of the client. Consulting may be offered as a one-time service or ongoing support.

Consulting is offered in 4, 6, or 8-hour time blocks in Michelle’s office in the West Chicago Suburbs or via video conferencing. Arrangements can also be made for onsite consulting in your home/office depending on location and Michelle’s travel schedule. Rates are by the project or by the hour depending on the client’s needs.

Strategic Planning Mastermind Intensive

Fast Track Solutions to Your Biggest Challenges

This half or full-day program is designed to help you define your business’s big vision or a new project you’d like to take on and create steps to achieve it. It’s just you and me working on creating a plan to give you the business results you want. As an entrepreneur, your unique gifts and talents are at the forefront of all consulting sessions.

Clients who choose a Strategic Planning Intensive leave with a well-defined plan to achieve a specific goal, or we can create your unique big vision. Sessions take place in Michelle’s comfy office in Waco, Texas, or via video conferencing and include a 30-day follow-up coaching call.