We have an event happening on April 20, 2022, where we will be*virtually* bringing together female entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs to discuss a book that can help them feel more empowered in their business and life.

What’s the upcoming book? Casandra Speaks by Elizabeth Lesser. ​

I’ve chosen this book for the way it makes you think about the stories we’ve all been told. From Eve picking the apple to Pandora being blamed for opening the box and then Casandra, blessed with knowing the future, but cursed so that no one believed her. All of these stories and many more were told about women, by men. But, what if women told them? What would the stories be then?  And with this knowledge, how can we look at some of the beliefs we have differently to make them empowering.

Sign up and join us: https://michellespalding.com/book-club/

Rather than charge for the book club event, we ask that participants make a small loan, in whatever amount they can, to Kiva to help another female business owner.