Remember the story of Alice in Wonderland?  When she’s walking through the woods and comes across the Cheshire Cat and she asked the cat “which way should I go?”  The cat replied, “well that depends on where you want to go”.  To which Alice said, “oh, it really doesn’t matter” and the cat told her, “then it doesn’t really matter which way you go”.

Early in my business I wasn’t sure where I was going either. I often found myself at my desk without a plan or any idea of what I had to accomplish that week. Only a thinking that I was supposed to be there and letting the emails, IMs, and calls dictate my day.

Like many, I’d started out on my own because I wanted to be free to do what I pleased, not what others told me to do, however it wasn’t moving me toward the success I desired.  I’d gone from being told what to do at work, to almost the opposite, especially when it came to scheduling time to work on my business. With the help of a coach, mastermind group, and much studying, I’ve come to realize how important planning is to my success and sanity.  While not all days are perfect, with a well-defined action plan, and a big vision on where I want to go, I’m much better at accomplishing those many things I desire to, and with greater ease.

For the last few years I’ve had the honor to help many individuals who were looking for help and direction like Alice along their path. They’ve gotten clear on their vision and created action steps that will help them accomplish the goals it will take to live their vision.  If you’ve come to a fork in the road and would like to learn more about how an experienced coach and business owner can help, please book a complimentary discovery session with me.

One of the things I’m most passionate about is helping people live the life they truly want and do the work they love.


I’ve found that often what gets in our way isn’t an insurmountable obstacle, it’s generally the things that go on in our head. Just the other day I was chatting with a client and her fear of putting herself out there was that she didn’t have enough experience as a TC. As we dug down deeper, she saw that the only way to get experience was, well, to do the work. And then digging deeper she shared with me that she did feel confident in her skills and her systems.

So, what was it that was getting in her way? It was how she felt about herself.

For much of her life she told me she’d spent far too much time struggling to be liked and fit in. I won’t go into details on where this came from, just to share that she’s not alone in this struggle. As we worked through her vision for her business and goals she had for her life, she realized that to get there she’d probably end up with some people who were not fans. Not because of something she did or didn’t do, just because she was doing her thing, her way, and living her best life.

At the end of our session for homework, she committed to blocking off time on her calendar several times a week to focus on marketing herself. A few days later she checked in with me and reported that while she wasn’t ready to be on stage somewhere, just thinking about what she was doing to sabotage herself before helped her to take the steps she’d needed to that day toward her goal. And best of all, she picked up a new client.


Many years ago, a client took me flying in a helicopter over Downtown Orlando.  It was an awesome adventure to fly above the city, doors off, hair flapping, but a bit scary as well.  After all, the helicopter was a two-seater and wasn’t much bigger than a Honda Civic. By the time the flight ended, I was wishing for more time in the air.  I was so glad that I did not go with my first thoughts of backing out once I got out onto the pad and saw the aircraft.

This adventure reminded me of the way many of us lead our lives and specifically our businesses.  We find something that works or that we can make work and we get comfortable, afraid to try something new.  Fearing what will happen if we change things even a little or try something a different way, we let fear of the unknown guide our decisions, and even prefer to be stay where we’re not happy simply because it is familiar. 

How often have you tried something new and later found you loved it, it worked, or wished you’d done that sooner?  For me and others I’ve conferred with, LOTS of times.

So, I challenge you, get out and try something new.  Maybe riding in a helicopter isn’t your thing, but do try something.  Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed, but sometimes just doing something, anything different will open your eyes up to a whole world of possibilities you didn’t even think of or know existed.  If you do decide riding in a helicopter is for you or some other big adventure, please send me pictures!

Evernote – I’m a fan, and use it for a wide variety of things in both my work and personal life. When I find a website I like, or an article I want to keep and reference later, I post it to a notebook. When I’m working on a project, I often create a notebook to organize my research. I even have a notebook, shared with my sweetie, that has a pictures of the labels of our favorite wines to make shopping easier.  If you’re not using it, or want to make your use of it better, here’s a short video to help you filled with tips and recommendations.

All I’ve got to say here is this is a MUST WATCH  – Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count – Brene’ Brown 

MightyText – Helps me reply to text messages on my phone, from my computer, where my fingers are much better at typing. 

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Thanks for being a part of the TCA Tribe – I am wishing you all the happiness and success you dream of, and then some, in 2020.