If you answered YES to these questions then you’re in the right place. The Transaction Coordinator Academy has been created to help those who are passionate about real estate, yet not into “sales”. Be a part of the process helping agents, sellers, and buyers get to the closing table smoothly.

Becoming a Transaction Coordinator starts with a basic knowledge of real estate, a passion for helping others, and training exclusively in the process and procedures.


Take your passion for real estate and make a career of it. Learn the ins and outs of being a Transaction Coordinator or make your career a business with these exclusive courses.

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Michelle has been a great asset to my TC business. She has helped me create and streamline systems so I was able to bring on a transaction coordinator to continue to grow the business. She held me accountable when I needed it to keep moving forward, she was an inspiration when I needed that, and she...

Transaction Manager


After stalking Michelle's website for several months I decided to pick up the phone. I knew she was someone I wanted to know better and someone who could help take my transaction coordination business to the next level. From that day to this day, I have not been disappointed.

Michelle Spalding is warm, funny...

Owner of Transaction Genie


I highly recommend Michelle Spalding for business coaching and consulting. Michelle has extensive coaching skills that identifies weak areas, and celebrates my strengths, and sets an action plan for success. She has made a huge impact on my business by sharing her knowledge. Michelle truly listened ...

Transaction Coordinator, Lighthouse Transactions

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

I really thought the step by step going through the details of the contract was very helpful. I do not have a real estate background so I found that to be very helpful to me. I also enjoyed the step by step on how to use the EZ software....

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

Michelle's passion is contagious! I love that she sees this business as a personal connection to other people, not just a robotic paper pusher (as some of the outside world may view us, as TCs). Her entire outlook on communication will help me more effectively run my business, and probably build a b...

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

The course was informative and covered several aspects of what a transaction coordinator does, what they should and should not do, and gave me some useful handouts....

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

This was a fantastic course! Not only did it cover the basics of transaction coordinating for someone like me with very little experience, but it also gives many tips for making the process super efficient and as smooth as possible. Michelle's philosophy is very inspiring and positive. She believes ...

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

Because of your class, I got a job as a TC for an 8 agent team that billed $800,000 in commission last year, and they are looking at doubling their business by next year. My broker wants me to market my services to the other 187 agents in the office as well, starting on Monday....

Realtor / Transaction Coordinator

Transaction Coordinator Essentials

I came to the table with near to no experience as a TC. This course has set a foundation to build from. It has grounded my mindset and direction. I have already recommended it to other TC’s ,including my mentor,with years of experience. I will continue to reference the materials throughout my care...

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Just Ask – That’s All it Takes

Sometimes it's the simplest thing like "asking" that delays receiving what we want or need in our lives and our Transaction Coordinator businesses. Several years ago, I had a little car issue.  It wasn’t anything significant, but the bell that lets you know that...

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Mistake # 501 (and counting) I’ve made in business

Sure, as my “own” boss I could, but I didn’t. I was busy, I let work take over and I didn’t plan for time off. Then, before you know it the year was over.

Funny, this was exactly what happened in my old career as a real estate paralegal. Guess there is truth in the old saying “some habits are hard to break”.

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